About PVP

It has always been about our fans/customers since day one
We belong to them and not the other way around.
They decide our fate and that is the truth.

So I must take the time to thank all for being supportive of the PVP brand this far.
And if you are not yet aboard, we welcome you to join us on our journey to innovation in the vapor industry.

Precision Vape Products, LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of  cost effective ultra premium e liquid.

We provide a cost effective premium e liquid to the world.

Which is the direct result of a forensic approach to the entire liquid creation process, from the calculation of recipes to formulation, beta testing, manufacturing and steeping, to bottling and storing.

It's all done in meticulous care and detail.

While simultaneously providing a satisfying taste and vaping experience, of course! Everything has to be precise or it's just not going to work, especially in the formulation stage.

Satisfying flavor and vaping experience is a requirement.

We lead the way with our products by offering super excellent customer service. Whether it's via email or any of the other popular social networks, which we are actively present on.

You should have peace of mind that if you ever need assistance we are there to assist and with the capability to respond effectively and in a timely manner.

We are very proud to offer super excellent service and assistance to vapers


Often precision and accuracy are terms that go hand in hand, interchangeably.
The distinction between the two is actually critical for many scientific endeavors.

We strongly refer to the formulation and manufacturing of vapor liquid as a scientific endeavor.

When we chose precision we wanted our products to be accurate, yes. But not exactly what the focus of business stood for. There is no reason to "vs" one against the other.
It was and still is precision that was precisely visioned as the standard, not accuracy.

We believe in precision as a standard for the way we do our work and it is how we go about deciding the vision for our products.

Accuracy involves how close you come to the correct result, your accuracy improves with tools that are calibrated correctly and that you are well trained on.

Precision on the other hand is how consistently you can get that same correct result using the same method.

Your precision improves with more finely incremented tools that require less estimation resulting in less errors, and a more consistent desired result.

This is what Precision Vape Products, LLC has always stood for and it's done well with PVP as a business as well as a product, and service.

It has been an adventure since day one, and the journey is far from over, believe this.

We invite you to join us on our journey to innovating and growing in the vapor/inhalation industry.

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