About PVP

Precision Vape Products, LLC was founded in June of 2014. At this point we were still using ego pens and cig-a-likes, the industry still young was overloaded with overly priced satisfying e-liquid. Which, at the time was a huge problem and there was no way around it, it MUST BE FIXED. 

The solution to this problem ultimately is what made way for Precision Vape Products, LLC and had e liquids at the time not been so outrageous, PVP would not exist.. 

But we are here! And fast forward 42 months, we present you several collections of e liquid at rather attractive pricing, that many have come to love and many more to come.

So where does PVP has it's sites set next? We Invite you to join us on our journey and follow us as we progress to the next objective! You should know we are 110% committed to our customers and we are here if you should never need to reach out in regards to anything related to our business. Vape on fam. 



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