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  • MarshNilla

    Do you love bakery tone flavors? Well good news, we have an MVP flavor here for you!For the last 3 years MarshNilla has dominated in sales vs other liquids. Not...
    From $13.00
  • Dragon Drool

    The drool of the dragon awaits you, this strawberry kiwi meets a dragonfruit-watermelon in a fruity candy base, it will have you drooling for more. A very fruity and refreshing...
    From $13.00
  • Strawberry Milkshake

    We were tired... just tired of seeing all these strawberries on the market, they either have a chemically-artificial flavor, taste more like raspberry or they are just such a faint...
    From $13.00
  • Fuji Gum

    Remember back when you used to chew the zebra gum with the tattoos? Yes, we all do. Close your eyes and picture the chewing gum on the inhale, it's there...
    From $13.00
  • CinnaNilla

    Reminiscent of our hit flavor MarshNilla, we present to you it's counterpart;CinnaNilla, a cinnamon cereal blended well with a bakery/donut tone.
    From $13.00
  • Berry Crunch Delights

    Remember the limited edition Captain crunch delights? Similar to the cinnabon delights except rolled in captain crunch crumbs after they got out of the deep fryer? Well, guess what? This...
    From $13.00
  • CBL

    Three Words. Candy, Berry & Lemonade! Close your eyes and picture a day at the beach on a hot sunny day, perfect for those long days where you may need...
    From $13.00
  • Banana Cream Pop

    Simply delicious, this smooth creamy banana will have you on your heals. Tastes just like a banana popsicle with a bit of cream. Can you imagine back when you were...
    From $13.00
  • Conspiracy Theory

    You love strawberry don't you? OH YEAH. We all do, well this is a strawberry whip cream Belgian waffle that will drive you bonkers. It's not like we haven't all...
    From $13.00
  • WaffleNilla

    Rice crispy treat blended into a Belgian waffle, cream cheese and blended up makes for an appropriate mix.
    From $13.00
  • Blue Razzle Sucker

    Ever try a blue raspberry that didn't quite taste... Well, like a blue raspberry? We have a real classic take on a blue raspberry sucker pop here, real candy raspberry...
    From $13.00
  • FrostBerry

    Sweet and cool notes set the tone for this candy based blueberry coconut snow cone. This cold perception is slight, and not to be confused with menthol. It's not a...
    From $13.00
  • Upper Enchalon

    You love pastries don't you? We do as well. This is our favorite strawberry peanut butter pastry treat. It's not quite a donut pastry, but you definitely taste that bakery...
  • PB Nilla

    Did you love MarshNilla? Of course you do! Everyone does! :D Here we have another counterpart of marshnilla, except this time we have a marshmallow treat smothered onto a baked and...
    From $13.00
  • NWO

    Who doesn't love grandmother or aunt's lovely home-made banana cream pie? Well, if you do then we have the perfect style flavor here for you.This is a flavor that has...
    From $13.00
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