Here is a collection of liquids which contain flavor concentrate which is extracted from USDA Certified Organic Plant matter, such as Organic Strawberry and Organic Lemon.

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  • Blue Sweety Cream

    An elegant creamy wave with smooth, soothing notes of blueberry & strawberry.
    From $13.00
  • Dragon Drool

    The drool of the dragon awaits you, this strawberry kiwi meets a dragonfruit-watermelon in a fruity candy base, it will have you drooling for more. A very fruity and refreshing...
    From $13.00
  • Milk-o-Meda

    Two galaxies collide as This blueberry merges with A deliciously clean pomegranate.
    From $13.00
  • Organic Flavonoid Strawberry Lemonade

    The flavoring/Flavonoid source here is strawberry and lemon plant matter, from NON-GMO seed. This is an indication that the liquids are rich in antioxidant content, which also leads to the...
    From $13.00
  • Passion Punch

    A punch blend of passionfruit, sweet guava,juicy orange and dragonfruit.
    From $13.00
  • Strawberry Jam

     This is an organic burst of juicy, ripe and red strawberry right across the pallet. Authentic tasting strawberry. The flavoring/Flavonoid source here is strawberry plant matter, from NON-GMO seed.This is...
    From $13.00
  • Strawberry Milkshake

    We were tired... just tired of seeing all these strawberries on the market, they either have a chemically-artificial flavor, taste more like raspberry or they are just such a faint...
    From $13.00
  • Three of A Kind

    A crisp cloud of peachy strawberry with a delicious sour apple on the juicy exhale.
    From $13.00
  • Yum Stuff

    An iced  clean  kiwi  blended  into  a vibrant  pomegranate  & strawberry  dragonfruit  masterpiece.
    From $13.00
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