Ok so by now almost everybody who is familiar with vaping trends has heard the term steeping? But what does steeping mean? Let's dive down into it.

"Steeping" is a term used to refer to the chemical reaction that e-liquid undergoes as it ages and the flavor components of the liquid begin to bond. At the peak of a steep, your liquids will be at the maximum consistency, meaning all of the liquid ingredients are mixed thoroughly and evenly amongst its enclosure. Once you have undergone a nice steep you will notice that shaking the bottle of juice, it's a lot clearer no matter how much you shake, this is a good sign that you've gotten yourself a good steep. But doesn't apply to all liquids.

As a result of steeping it is widely known that this chemical reaction increases flavor potential.

So how can you get in on the steeping fun? Well, it's quite simple actually, we will go on to inform you on some professional methods of accelerating your steep which ultimately produces greater flavor potential from your liquid.

First things first, you should know that e liquid needs to be stored at room temperature as much of the time as you can control, this is mainly due to prevent the risk of harmful agitation to the molecular structure of the flavor and nicotine component of the Vaporizer liquid. We notice that too much above room rempature alters the flavor and vaping experience negatively, while steeping/storing too much below room tempature won't harm the liquid it will surely stall the chemical reaction from occurring.

I think it would be safe to assume that vapers in general purchase and consume e liquid 30ml-120ml per transaction, 30ml being more probable than above. Purchasing in 30ml bottles there really isn't much you can do to exelerrate a steep. This paragraph is more for those who buy in atleast 100ml+ per purchase, a way you can boost your steep is by incorporating a smaller 30ml bottle into your daily routine. It's simple, store your large bottle at room tempature and refill it accordingly to your regular usage, this way the liquid substance is left in the best conditions to maximize flavor and overall experience potential. You could very otherwise just carry around your 100ml+ bottle dripping or refilling your tank throughout the day mindless to the fact that the large bottle could be at home steeping in perfect conditions while you fill small bottles. This is an excellent steeping tip you should implement immediately.

It is very important you keep e liquid containing liquid nicotine away from direct sunlight, and light in general. Sunlight will be the worse of the two evils, but be wary of both as light (especially UV rays) can and will negatively agitate the liquid, popularly we see the liquids nicotine content oxidizing and becoming harsh, in other cases we see liquids change colors and we've even found that it will alter nicotine free e liquid's flavor, changing it and possibly producing health risks. It would be smart to keep your e liquids away from over exposure to sunlight and light in general.

Another way to accelerate steep time and flavor potential is constant agitation of the liquids molecular structure. So what does this mean? Well, agitation can be good or bad, leaving the liquid over exposed to sunlight is negative agitation. Positive agitation would involve at a bare minimum shaking the liquids 3 times a day (once you shake, and the liquid clears completely until you can see through it count it as one shake) and keeping them stored in a dark area at or around room tempature away from children.

I must also address, steeping via microwave. A lot of you may have not heard of this untraditional method. Without any scientific basis to support this request I'd like to calmly ask and inform all vapors to NEVER put your e liquid in the microwave or ever expose is to any heating element other than the heating element we know as "atomizers" or tanks, RDA ETC ETC. 

If you have been vaping for a while you may have also heard of a method of steep exeleration known as "breathing". I will tell you this, breathing is not necessary on the consumers part at all. The only time an e liquid requires breathing is after is has been exposed to light heat after manufacturing, IF the liquid contains unwanted alcohol content. Because when unneeded alcohol content is in the juice (SOME flavors contain alcohol) it may or may not make the juice unpleasant or present an unintended experience, one way to get rid of this is to expose the liquid to LIGHT heat and allow the alcohol content of the liquid to breathe out, preferably without a cap present. This is effective due to alcohol's low evaporation rate. Under all of that, please let it be clear that if you are a consumer of e liquid you will never have to breathe steep your liquid unless the manufacturer did not do their job correctly which is highly unlikely, but not impossible. It's important that you do not expose your liquid to an average everyday atmosphere for extended periods of time as this can lead to contamination of microscopic particles, leave the cap on and have trust in the pros. ;)

Once all of that is absorbed up there 👆🏻There isn't much more to inform you on although I can add that storing the liquids in bottles that block UV rays will only add to your liquids steep potential, I also must say that we use steep cycles in 2 week cycles at minimum before the liquid is brought back to judgement at which it will be determined ready or sent back for another 2 weeks where the process could be repeated several times.

Hopefully after all of this you are a e liquid steeping expert and we genuinely hope you are! :)

As always thank you for the read and share this to your friends if you found it relevant.

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