As of late the big media networks have been portraying triggering stories regarding the safety of rebuildable dripping atomizers, I'm sure we've all seen by now.

Contrary to large media networks stories, I'm here to tell you that dripping atomizers are safe, and not quite far off from using a tank atomizer with replaceable coils, in fact it is exactly the same concept as using a tank atomizer.

It's actually quite misleading and a typical move on the news network's behalf. 

"Dripping" for those who do not know is a term used to describe a style of vaping using an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) this is ultimately the same exact concept as using a tank atomizer. There is no added danger provided that the vape user is staying within their atomizer/batteries limits and using quality liquid. 

Vapers that are using RDAs know what they are doing (for the most part). But that's why we make these blogs.

Always make sure when using rebuildable dripping atomizers that you are staying within your batteries amp limitations, make sure you are changing your cotton for your coils regularly.

One thing not to do is, don't push too much power to your vaporizer liquid as things tend to undergo nastier chemical reactions when heated to high tempatures. In fact, it's been proven that very high temp vaping is hazardous. So make sure your keeping a nice chill vape.

Another thing is to make sure that you are not vaporizing liquid on oxidized coils, make sure you change your coils when they look soiled as this may produce carcinogenic particles in the vapor content inhaled.

And the last thing, I feel it should be mentioned because it is a factor. And that is the quality of the liquid a vaper consumes. This is ultimately the deciding factor when we talk about vaping being bad for you. So make sure you are not vaping poorly made liquid or anything you suspect to contain an ingredient causing you to have a reaction.

Under all that 👆🏻 Its very probable that you reading this know this information but with the recent media misperceptions I feel it's necessary to refresh individuals and also encourage all to spread this type of information to new vapers and uneducated outsiders. 

As always thank you for your read please share if you found it interesting.

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