FDA Turns Cheek As Big Tobbaco Advances in Vape Industry

FDA Turns Cheek As Big Tobbaco Advances in Vape Industry

The tobbacco giants are slowly advancing towards the vapor industry,of course with a different take on our significantly safer variant.

The industry giants are (and have been) releasing a "smokeless alternative to cigarettes" while keeping their multi-billion dollar grossing product at use in their devices.

One may ponder what exactly this means, well I'm here to tell you that the tobacco giants are marketing vaporizing devices that utilize tobacco cigarettes in a device that does not combust the nicotine-containing substance (Cigarettes). The tobacco giants are losing customers to the vapor industry, and this is their response to compensate for their losses?

It is estimated that the tobbacco industry pulls in about $8.95 Billion annually, for about $25 million a day and just over $1 million per hour. As according to statistics presented by the Center For Disease Control, The rise of the vapor industry to date has accounted for about 5% of big tobacco's profit loss.

Now to get back on track, big tobacco is/has been slowly graduating to vapor devices, but of course they want to keep users addicted to the product that started it all; tobacco cigarettes.

It is ever so clear that the industry dominant monopolies have zero public health concern in mind, even with the absolute power and control they posses, absolute healthier decisions being more than possible. One must understand safer is not more profitable though. In fact, cigarettes have become even more addictive and deadly.

Meanwhile, FDA regulations pertaining to the vapor industry become ever so more deeming every day. We see a company that is so concerned for public health (FDA) look the other way when the tobacco giants release health hazardous products, and we don't need scientific basis to conclude that the tobacco vaporizers are more toxic than select e liquid.

It's quite clear what this is all about, for a while it seemed health concern was at heart for the FDA and they made it seem just that, but at the end of the day, the realist side of us knows that it's all about the money. The FDA is getting their chips from big tobacco, making practical murderers gain more profit at the loss of more lives and hundreds of thousands of small-medium vaping businesses tarnished in the process, and while huge FDA-Application invested vape companies thrive. Let's keep in mind that it is an individuals decision to poison themselves with cigarettes. I would just like to place theoretical emphasis on the part where the regulation company (FDA) practically endorses cigarettes and not vaping.

It's been a huge pot of nonsense from the start, but it's becoming clear that the FDA is not here for vaper's health, they want to monopolize the vaping industry, controlling all profits, competition and inducing a incredibly-ridiculous tax.

They say that the tobacco industries vaporizing device is innovative. But if you ask me it's just another way of ingesting the thousands of nasty chemicals that are found in the cigarettes , while keeping the masses addicted to a new , more powerful way of consuming the cancer sticks!



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