(As according to recent polls in the Precision Vape Products, LLC Facebook GROUP.)

While this is no surprise, it is still invigorating to poll these sort of questions and get a 100% result pointing towards semi-conclusive suggestion of vapers in better well being after switching from the combustible tobacco sticks.

These percentages are based on 36 voters. (polling has not yet ended) 
I should point out that it was 100% in this case, but I'm sure if you asked a million people the same question, there is bound to be a drop in the %. Nonetheless, it does suggest that a vast majority of vapers do feel in better health after making the switch.

Now lets transition to a relating topic, health interest of vapers using liquids, and what you should know to keep the health impact to a complete minimal, or to none while using e liquid.

Let me begin by stating that it is an amazing feeling to see PVP supplying hundreds of customers e liquid, not just recklessly whipping together whatever will be good either, we do take into consideration health interest of our customers. Let me tell you this, just because a health-hazardous flavor improves the flavor experience, doesn't mean it should be added to the liquid. This is a principle I have always conformed to in my juice mixing procedures. After all, this is why we started vaping is to be healthier (for the most part, or maybe you just wanted to blow sweet clouds) 

PVP has VERY clean liquid, we do not use any hazardous compounds; no gums, salts, oils, acids or lipids. (once you learn how to spot these things youll begin to taste them in majority of liquids on the market, I PROMISE YOU.) 

So, my ending message is this, just because you are not smoking anymore and you are indeed in better health, does not mean that every single vapor liquid on the market is considered safer. 

Vaping IS safer than smoking regardless in my professional opinion, but select e liquids that do not contain any hazardous compounds, do  IN FACT  have no negative health impact... I would estimate 85% of the juice on the market is mixed in a manner to sell, which is cool, I approve. But it is also apparent that this roughly 85% does not have health interest in mind, while in the process of mixing their products.

I've tried hundreds, if not over a thousand liquids and i very rarely will find one that comforms to my set of principals. This isn't a pitch to scare you into buying PVP liquid please do not go about it this way, rather it is intended to inform the average consumer, just be cautious, do research on how to detect the harmful compounds often found in e liquid and avoid using corresponding liquids containing the compounds. Or, even if you would prefer to inhale the red flagged compounds that are diluted into popular liquids, atleast be aware of it.

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